D-link 2750u with Tikona

Recently I subscribed for Tikona broadband here in Chennai. It was a direct RJ45 ethernet cable for input. I dint think much before buying a Wifi router. I bought a D-Link 2750u ADSL2 modem + router. I thought this would be right thing to do because in case I change my internet provider it would easier to use the same modem. But after a a little digging I almost believed that this wouldn’t work with RJ45 cable but a ADSL line only. Before I lost hope I took a lot of time to figure out in various sites how to configure my modem+ router to work as a pure router.

Another minor problem which I had was the h/w version of the modem which I had. There are many versions of 2750u. Mine was V1. You could easily check the version on the modem of 2750u. V1 was not a common one and finding a firmware was a little difficult. For V1 i installed the one here in the downloads tab which has ‘V1’ on it. And finally I found the steps here, reply #73 from a person akhileshgs . Frist, thanks a lot to him. The steps which he put there :

  1. Reset router
  2. Internet Setup–> WAN Access Type–>>Ethernet
  3. Select Bridge and protocol and go down and select apply (Without changing any defaults)
  4. Wireless basic–> Uncheck multiAP isolation
  5. Change country to India
  6. Wireless Security–>Security mode–> WPA Only and change the password at the bottom (Without changing any defaults)
  7. Local Network–> Uncheck Enable DHCP Server
  8. Go to Setup Wizard–> Change WAN access type to Ethernet and select Bridge as protocol

He also provides step by step screenshots here . (Also available in original post ).

Thanks to the original poster again. I hope this post could be found much more easier than the original.