Raspberry Pi – OMBC Guide – Mac

I had a thought to try out few stuffs with the Raspberry Pi 2 after buying it recently. The one thing which is easy and quite useful is creating a media/entertainment center. There are many blogs and tutorials out there. But this might be very specific to Installing using MacBook Pro, using a external HDD and an android remote.  The RasPi with good amount of interface is very easier to set up and running. All you would need is :

  • A PC/Mac (I used mac) to install to the card
  • An sd card, 8 GB, class 10 (for stability and speed)
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Edimax WiFi adaptor (if using wireless Internet/ Android remote)
  • Yatse/Kore Android app (Android remote)
  • Power adaptor. Recommended 5V , 2A power supply.

Use the SD card adaptor to plug it into the slot (in case of mac) or a suitable microSD/SD card reader to mount the card. Mac has a weird issue of some times not recognizing the sd card. Its a very silly issue, chk this out to solve the problem(Yeah it solved my problem). Next step after mounting is the installation.

You can download OSMC here. Download the installer which will guide you through the installation process. Either you can choose to download the img file separately and use it during the installation process or you can choose to allow the installer to download the image. I used the version “2015.06-1” to install. According to the blog it was a latest stable version. Not sure why they dint have “RC” tagged to it.

After a successful install plug the microSD card to the RasPi. Connect power supply and HDMI cable and turn the power on and the TV. Thats it ! You would see a OSMC booting and eventually in few secs to the GUI. A mouse would be sufficient for the initial setup. Though selecting from a list (say language selection) can get tricky, because of the mouse sensitivity. I selected Dutch by mistake and took me a little while to figure it out.

I wanted to control OSMC using Android app. For this either you can connect RasPi using ethernet or a WiFi adaptor (I used Edimax). Using the WiFi adaptor was pretty straight forward. I plugged it and it worked right out of box (without any configuration or settings), but might require going into settings screen and selecting wireless. Select the wifi network and connect.

After connecting OSMC to your local network you can install either Yatse or Kore. I prefer to use Kore because it has got seek bar for videos. Inside app you can add device and it would immediately recognize the OSMC(kodi) running in your local network, select and you are all setup to use your android as a full function remote.

Next I tried to connect my external HDD, but it failed to mount. After a little research I figured out that you need to edit the file /boot/config.txt and add this max_usb_current=1. You can change the file by doing ssh into RasPi. The username/password is osmc/osmc. What you are essentially doing is changing the default current to 1A. Check this out for more information on this.

So there you have it. A media center which could play movies from your external HDD and also controllable from your android/iphone.

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