I am not a big fan of vanilla Android looks, may be from the functionality stand point or the amount of bloatware (in other for eg HTC sense, touchwiz) I think vanilla is great. I haven’t used many ROMS¬†apart from Cyanogenmod and MIUI. Cyanogenmod is one of the highly acclaimed ROMS out there, but I am not a great fan of it because of the vanilla style.

I have heard decent things about ROMS like Carbon, Pixeldroid, but I like and prefer MIUI. It might have that ‘colorful’ look, but the menus, settings, notifications menu, etc are pretty neat and easy to use. I was already running 4.2.2 MIUI V5 on my mobile for about a year now, and was waiting for a proper upgrade. I know there a bunch of 5.X.X ROMS out there, but I wanted something to suite my taste. Finally I found the link here¬†(xda link). Its not an official MIUI release for m7. But this is an unofficial stable V6 running 4.4.2.

I had a little older version of CWM recovery, not sure if using that or not deleting data and cache were reasons for improper installation. I updated to the latest of TWRP. The best way to install is using ‘fastboot’ command. Flashifty or TWRP app dint do the job for me. After a proper install of TWRP i finally installed V6.

The next think I notice is the ‘HTC logo’ which was acting as a menu button earlier is not functioning now. After a decent research I found ElementalX kernel should do the magic. Even after trying installing a couple of times I wasnt able to get it work. Finally the xda devs original MIUI post itself had a link to the proper ElementalX kernel. For the nth and the last time and I tried to install. And voila … it did work. There are a bunch of tweaks you can make, while installing the kernel. One point to note is that, there was some kind of OTA for V6, after which the kernel was gone. I am not exactly sure how could we handle that.

Another challenge was installing gapps. There is this useless error which comes up in playstore which says ‘no connection’ (or sorts) even though you have proper internet on your mobile. The best way to get through this is flashing the gapps. Again I was able to find it in the orginal xda post.

MIUI V6 with Kernel ElementalX is one of the best combination for HTC m7 out there. Please dont forget to read the contents of xda posts before installing a ROM, like I did. Happy ROMing !!